Outdoors Sports, Skin Cancer Risks and Protective Solutions

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Skin Cancer Awareness & Solutions For Outdoor Sports

Running Sports UV Skin Cancer Risks Dermatologists believe that 80% of the UV absorbed by the skin happens during childhood. Most of the adults do not expose their skin to the sun on regular basis. Most of us are at midday hours in the office or at work, and not outside under the UV radiation.

There are some groups of people who are at a higher risk of excessive sun exposure. These are people who work in the sun, or people who expose their skin regularly to hours of sunlight. In the second group are all those doing outdoor sports activity and fitness.

  • Golf players
  • Basketball players
  • Surfers
  • Runners & Joggers
  • Football players
  • Cyclists
  • Ski and Snowboard

All these and other athletes may be under UV light regularly during their sports activity. Thuis being at higher risk to devleope skin cancer.

Most of the people think that the fact they have a T shirt, or they are not tanning means they are not absorbing UV rays. The truth is much more painful than that. There are two UV rays which reach the earth, UVA and UVB. Both are dangerous, both can cause skin cancer.

UVB are the shorter rays, and they can be avoided easily. These rays cause tanning or skin burns. The UVB is less intense in the winter or when the sun is lower in the sky. There is no UVB when working out or playing in the shade. UVB can not penetrate T shirts.

UVA is a totally different story, the UVA radiation has longer wavelength rays, the UV is at the same level all year round, and at all hours of he day. If there is sun light there is UVA around you. UVA can penetrate some clouds, shades and clothes. So playing basketball for three hours at an open court, means three hours of UVA radiation absorbed in the skin.

Sports Surfaces Reflect UV Radiation

Sport UV Protection SunglassesUV is invisible light, but it behaves light regular light, which means it can be reflected off shinny surfaces. Sea, sands and snow can reflect large amounts of UV from lower angles and cause skin danger risks. Being under a shade at the sea, may protect from solar UV coming from the sun but UV is reflected from the sea and yellow sands too, reaching the skin from all sides.

Because of this people doing outdoor sports or sea sports need to take even higher measures to avoid UV radiation. There are special accessories which can help protect athletes from solar UV threats.

UV Protection For Athletes

First of all it’s skin cancer awareness. Knowing that the UVA is always there, and it is causing deep skin cells changes.

  1. Knowing that regular SPF creams do not protect the skin from UVA, only sunblock creams labeled “broad spectrum” UVA & UVB may be effective to protect the skin.
  2. Knowing that regular shirts without UPF (UV Protection Factor) rating do not protect from UVA.
  3. Knowing the sun is dangerous from the eyes and not only for the skin.

UV Protection For Runners & Cyclists

Runners & Cyclists UV protection UV sleevesRunners and cyclists need UV protection as they are training hours in the sun, with no shade, and with very light clothes. While cyclists have their helmet, runners need a UV protective hat.

Both runners and cyclists use UV protection sleeves. These add-on accessories cover the arms during outdoor training. Many cyclists use them to eliminate the short sleeve tanning shades cyclists have.

UV protection sun glasses – Runners and cyclists need polycarbonate light weight UV glasses. These are very light weight and have tough anti-scratch covers.

Runners Dri-Fit UV Protection T-ShirtDri-Fit Uv shirts – These are special running apparel, which wicks sweat way, keeps body dry, and also protect from UV radiation. Dri Fit UV protection shirts are recommended to runners and cyclists to reduce UV exposure during their trainings.

Golf Shirts With UV Protection – Golfers have their unique golf apparel, which means they will not wear Dri-Fit UV protection clothes like runners. But golfers are also in a high risk from sun damage and skin diseases because they play hours in the sun. There are special golf sport-elegant shirts with high UV filtering.

Outdoor Sport UPF 50+ Men's Running Fitness ShirtBasketball and Fitness Workout UV Shirts – Those doing fitness workout, or playing basketball or football need UV protection clothing to reduce the threat of skin cancer. Wearing high UPF rating sport shirts when outside, resting in the shade when possible and reducing the overall exposure by applying broad spectrum sunblock creams.

Water sports need special swimwear clothing with UPF ratings. The sea can increase the UV radiation by 25% which make these sports even more dangerous for the skin. It is smart to cover as much of the skin as possible, by rash-guard suits, with long sleeves, hats, sun glasses and high rating sun block creams.


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