Don’t Overlook New Born Baby UV Protection

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New Born Babies & Sun Hazards

New Born Baby UV ProtectionIf you are expecting a new born baby, congratulation! You are probably excited and a little anxious. If you are like me, you may be planning how to make sure your precious prince or princess will be safe and sound when they show up. New born babies are delicate and sensitive, they are given to us at their most fragile moment.

The world is not delicate and not at all sensitive.

Solar UV is not caring about our new born babies. The solar radiation is getting more and more intense as the ozone layer is getting thinner. From all the people on earth there is one group which may be most effected from UV – that’s new born babies.

Just like albinism syndrome, new born Caucasian babies have nearly no natural defense from UV.

The UV radiation can cause inner cell changes, mutation, and long term side effects. Dermatologists believe up to 80% of an adult’s UV exposure occurs from age 0-18.

While a teenager’s skin has probably developed some kind of natural protection level from UV (like tanning), new born babies 0-3 month, babies from 3-12, and toddlers from 12-24 are totally helpless from UV.

New born babies do not tan. Their skin gets red and burn when exposed to sun hot sun light. Getting some sunlight is important for the production of vitamin D. But vitamin D can be given by drops while UV will cause the skin changes which may erupt in 10-20 years.

UV Undetected Dangers

If you are reading this in the summer than you know very well when the UV is threatening your child’s long term health. But UV is not only dangerous on hot sunny days. The sun sends two kinds of radiation, heat and light. UVA which is the longer rays are light ultraviolet rays which are around us even when it is not warm.

UVA can cause furniture to fade. It can happen even if the furniture is indoors and air-conditioning is working. UVA penetrates glass, clouds, and reflects from other surfaces, like sand, sea, snow, glossy walls.

Here are some examples for parents who are unaware of UVA risks, and expose their baby to hours of UV.

When a baby crib is placed near the window at the warm sun patch, it means the little soft bundle gets a few hours of  UVA!

A long sunny walk with a stroller, means the baby gets UVA & UVB.

All parents know to appreciate when the baby falls a sleep in the baby seat. But a one hour drive means the baby gets one hour of lethal UVA (which penetrates glass).

Protecting New Born Babies From UV

The dangers of UV are well known to all doctors, all skin cancer associations do their best to raise awareness. There are plenty of UV blocking accessories developed to protect babies (and their parents) from UV radiation.

Car & Home UV Protection

Baby UV protection in the carOne of the most best selling items at Amazon is a pack of 2 UV Shades for the car. The car shades are low cost and block UVA from reaching the baby at the back seat. Investing in a pair is wise and cost effective for many years.

Get a pair of sun shades here.

For those living at sunny states UV blocking masking film for the windows is a must. Some of these items are transparent, they block UV but not sunlight. Rejecting up to 99 Percent of UV. They can cool any room from sun heat. Click for premium window UV film rolls.

Baby Stroller UV Protection

Parents should be aware that babies are exposed to long hours of UV when sitting in their stroller. Parents who are runners or joggers and take the baby for a long jog in a jogger, expose the baby to UV. The baby does not have to be in direct sun light to absorb UVA.

Regular fabrics do not block UV. For example cotton can filter only 5% of incoming UV. There are several solutions to stroller UV. Trp_UV-blanket-for-jogger-178x300.jpghe expensive solution is buying the right stroller which has UV canopy. Most of the parents prefer to get the UV blanket shade. It can be used to cover the baby in the stroller/jogger. When the baby grows the blanket can be used on any new stroller.

Click here to get a Summer Infant UV Stroller Cover.


Is UV Awareness Enough?

rp_Splash-ABout-UV-Swimwear-UPF-50-Sun-Protection-150x150.jpgBeing aware is very important, knowing the risks of UV in general and UVA in particular. While most parents know to keep their kid out of direct sunlight in mid summer, or rub them in SPF sunscreen lotion. UVA penetrates all of regular SPF creams (unless they are labeled ‘broad spectrum’).

When taking a baby to the sea or pool, a swimmer diaper is not enough! They have to be wearing a UV blocking baby swimsuit, which covers most of the exposed body from sun UV. At the beach or pool awareness is not enough. Deadly UV is taking it’s toll on delicate new born babies.

Check here protective UV babies swim suits.




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