Learn From Japanese To Prevent Skin Aging

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Japanese Tips To Skin Anti Aging

Japanese women tend to have a smooth skin, clear and glowing even at mature ages. How do they do it? Protecting the skin from UV rays is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy skin and prevent skin aging.

Here are some short Japanese tips on preventing skin aging:

How To Use These Japanese Tips At Home

broad spectrum uva uvb sun screen protectionProtect the skin with UVA sun block lotions. Common SPF creams protect only from UVB rays. Most of the long lasting skin damage is caused by the UVA sun rays. Check for UVA/UVB protection only. Regular SPF creams no matter how high (50-60 or higher) will not protect your skin from UVA hazards.

UV sun glassesWear sun glasses which have UV protection filters. If the skin is sensitive to UV radiation the human eye, is even more delicate. There are numerous designs, shapes and brands, it does not matter which one you buy, as long as there are UV lens cover. See here UV Sun Glasses.

UPF UmbrellaUsing UPF sun block umbrella. If you travel to the far east you will see many women walking with a sun shade umbrella. These umbrellas serve a wide shade cover, and block of most of UVA and UVB radiation. The UV umbrella is easy to carry, and are great to protect the forehead, face, neck and shoulders when walking in the sun. You can find the Titanium types like you have seen in the video or stylish designs like this one.

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