Keeping Your Skin Healthy If You Work In The Sun

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Skin Safety Tips When Working Outside

UV Sun Risks At WorkMany people work outside for many hours per day/week. School teachers and camp counselors need to be hours per week out in the open. Sports coaches and golf players, hikers, construction workers, gardeners and many other professions require daily exposure to direct sun light.

If you have to be hours in the sun, than you are at a higher risk group for skin deceases and disorders. Sun exposure is the number one cause factor for skin cancer.

Being UV Safe At Work

But being in the sun does not mean you have to be under constant UV threat. Following some guidelines and wearing the right clothes can reduce dramatically the amount of harmful UV your skin absorbs.

There are two main UV radiations to watch out for, UVB (short rays) and UVA (long rays). Some of the UV damages can be reduced easily by blocking UVB rays (direct sun light). The main challenge is the reduce the amount of UVA rays which have a long term effect on skin health and cancer related diseases.

Stay In The Shade When Possible

The best recommendation is to be in the shade when ever you can. For example standing at direct sun light can be much more harmful for your skin compared to standing under a tree. Shade can reduce the level of UVB (short rays) your body absorbs.

Stay Away From Mid Day Sun

The mid day hours are known to have the most intense sun light radiation. Between 10:00 am and 14:00 pm, the sun is directly above your had, and the short wavelength rays are at their most harmful position. If you plan your day smart, you can do the field work at morning or at afternoon, and during noon hours be at the office, shop or classroom.

Use Protective Full Spectrum Sun Block Creams

broad spectrum uva uvb sun screen protectionApplying regular SPF creams will reduce UVB rays affect only. Regular SPF creams do not block UVA rays! For your best protection, you need to get full spectrum sun block creams. Only they can block (or reflect) both UVA & UVB. Make sure you apply and reapply several times a day, as creams absorb in the skin and the protection level is not long lasting.

Wearing UPF Clothing Is Essential For UV Protection

UVA protection is what you should look out for. UVA are the long wavelength rays which can penetrate clouds, glass and most fabrics. UVA rays are as intense in December as they are in June. UVA is harmful 365 days a year and during most sun light hours.

UV Sun Protection At WorkAll the solutions up to here, did not give sufficient protection for UVA radiation. Being in the shade does not block UVA sun rays from absorbing in the skin. Being at morning or afternoon for hours does not protect from UVA either. Applying full spectrum creams will protect the arms and face, while 90% of the body is exposed to UVA when covered with regular clothes.

UPF clothing are designed and tested to block UV rays from penetrating through them. They are made from special fabrics, weave, dye and materials which block up to 99% of incoming UV rays!

Wearing high rating UPF clothing is the best way to be safe when working in the sun.

Wear UPF Hats At Work

Wearing a UPF hat can reduce the amount of UVA and UVB your head, face and neck is exposed to. Wearing such a hat can reduce long term skin damage like wrinkles and sun spots.

Wear UPF Clothes For Work

If your work requires being long hours at the sun. You should consider wearing UPF protection apparel during these hours. At a rather low investment, you can reduce the amount of UV rays your skin absorbs by 99%.

Wearing UPF clothes, will protect your skin during all the hours you are in the sun, unlike SPF creams, which need to be reapplied every other hour to maintain the same protective level.

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Wearing UPF clothes with high ratings (50+) at work will free you from the dilemma ‘doing my job’ or ‘causing damage to my skin’. You can do your job and know that the fabrics block away 99% of the incoming UV rays.


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