January White Sales 2014 – UV Protective Clothing

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January White Sales 2014 – UV Clothing

Right after Christmas is over, and the New Year is right behind us, it’s time for 2014 January White Sales! Though the term is usually referred to linen, sheets and bed covers, this year it would be wise to consider UV protective clothes and house curtains.

Every year there is a constant increase in new patients diagnosed with skin cancer. Most of the cases the skin cancer began developing years before it was noticed. It is the most common kind of cancer diagnosed today in America. So between the shopping for bed covers and sheets, here are some white UV protective clothes solutions for your home and family.

Window UV Draperies & UV Curtains

January white sales 2014 uv curtainsJanuary White Sales are all about upgrading your home. One of the most overlooked accessories which can leverage any room, are the draperies and curtains. These bring warmth to any room, they soften furniture and room design. UV Draperies & UV Curtains will also block off unnecessary radiation from your home. UVA which are the long UVA rays cause furniture to fade, carpets to change their color. UVA can penetrate glass and regular curtains, which means they can harm the skin of your family even if the curtains are pulled.

This year (2014) there are plenty of colors and tones to choose from. You can fit the drapary to any home styling –  Get sophisticated designs in eight colors. Blackout UV curtains lower the home temprature and save energy for cooling. Ideal for late sleepers, shift workers, computer work rooms, and nursery rooms.

Check here for Thermal Insulated Blackout UV Curtains.

Protect Your Yard With UV Shading

January white sales 2014 UV yard shadeIt might be cold outside to enjoy your yard or garden, but before the spring knock on the door, it is a great time to get UV protection shades for outside.

The large canopy shades filter UV rays, for all those who sit under. When the yard is used mostly by young kids it is even more important to guide them to play under these UV shades. Children’s skin is more sensitive to UV radiation, as it is thinner and more delicate. You can get some nice deals for UV yard shades at Amazon during January White Sales 2014.

Remember to protect yourself from UV radiation in house and outside. There is no way to under estimate the importance how reducing UV radiation can decrease the chances of skin disorders. This January White Sales 2014 is the time to do it.

Check Here For More On UV Protection:

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