How To Use Headbands For Sun UV Protection

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Headbands Can Be Used For UV Protection

If you like hiking out, running for miles, cycling or doing any outdoor activity and know you are about to be lots of hours in the sun, you may want to increase the overall sun protection measures you take. If you know the basics, you probably know you should be covered, stay in the shade and wear a UV protective hat. But how can a headband be part of your sun protection?

The main advantages of headbands and sun gaiters compared to sunscreen lotions, is that once you wear them you do not need to reapply and they do not turn sticky or smelly on the face. Athletes who train for hours outdoors hate to apply sunscreen lotions because when sweating the skin becomes sticky.

How To Wear a Headband For UV Protection

Headband for UV protectionYou can wear a headband on your forehead like a hat, it will protect to top of your head from the sun. Instead of a hat, it covers the hair and filters UV. The head band is loose fitted and more comfortable than a hat on warm days.

Note that it does not have a brim, so you need to protect your face and eyes from direct sun light.

face protection from UV gaiterYou can wear the headband over your face (like a true rebel) and it will protect your nose, cheeks, lips and chin from sun UV. When combined with a hat and sunglasses, your face is protected at the highest level possible. This face band is very comfortable and cheap.

In the far east many women wear a face scarf to keep their facial skin from aging too soon.

Gaiter UV sun protectionThe last way to use a sun gaiter is wearing it over the neck. If you are well covered by UPF shirt, pant and hat, then the neck is the only area exposed to the sun. It is known that the neck’s skin is the first to show aging signs, because it is thinner and has less collagen. The loose gaiter like you see in the picture covers the skin and blocks the sun UV.

You should know that a fabric UV protection features are determined on several factors, One of them is how dense it is. When a head band or a gaiter is stretched it means there are more gaps in the fabric, in which light and UV light can penetrate. For this reason it is recommended not to stretch the headbands to the maximum or they loose some/most of their ultraviolet protection ability.

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