How To Choose The Best UV Sunscreen For You

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Best UV Sunscreen Lotion For You

UV Sunscreen Lotion CreamIn this post we will not recommend on a specific brand of sunscreen. We will share some tips and insights so you can pick the best UV sunscreen lotion which fits your needs. There is no single “best” sun block lotion out there, but there are many very effective creams which can reduce your exposure to harmful UV when used correctly.

There are NEW regulations by the FDA concerning UV protection and sunscreen dosage forms including UV lotions, oils, sticks, gels, butters, ointments, creams, and pastes.

SPF Lotions Which Filter UVA

All “regular” SPF creams can filter the short UV rays also known as UVB. But they DO NOT block or filter the long rays which are known as UVA. The first thing you MUST look for when applying a sunscreen lotion, is that the cream has UVA filtering too.

The sunscreens which filter both UVA and UVB should carry the label “Broad Spectrum“. Or you will see XX% UVA filtering.

SPF Cream Higher Than 15

SPF is “sun protection factor”. It is the official way to measure the protective level of creams, lotions and cosmetics. SPF which is lower than 15, is not enough to be considered effective. Many manufacturers know that adding SPF 8 to a product will trigger consumers to buy assuming the cream/cosmetic can reduce UV. But low SPF was found by FDA as insufficient! In fact any SPF 2-14 sunscreen can be labeled as preventing ‘skin burns’ only and not apply to UV protection.

SPF Sunscreens 50+

On the other side of the sunscreen scale, the FDA new regulations halted the “SPF dash race” where manufacturers extended the SPF scale to 90 and more. The effectiveness of SPF 90 compared to SPF 50 is so minimal it’s nothing more than a marketing scam. SPF 90 does not filter 3 times more than SPF 30! They filter UV nearly the same. For this reason creams with SPF higher than 50 are required to be labeled 50+.

How Much To Sunscreen To Apply

The best UV sunscreen, is the one which covers the body fully, and filters the UV. Most of the people use less cream than they ought to. The FDA recommends a “teaspoon” of broad spectrum cream per body part: Face, Leg, Arm, Shoulder. And “two teaspoons” per: Abdominal & Back.

UV sun blocking sprays became very popular, they are very comfortable to apply. But for effective UV protection they are less recommended, as their coverage is thinner than creams.

“Waterproof” “Sweatproof” UV Creams

UV creams absorb in the skin or wash off with water. No matter which UV cream you apply, the FDA requires the manufacturers to state that in order for effectiveness level to remain as stated, you need to reapply every 2 hours.

If you use a “water resistant” UV cream, it’s not a one time rub and forget solution. Even if the UV sunscreen is “water resistant” it should be clear that the “resistance” is for either 40 minutes or 80 minutes.

Best UV Sunscreen?

Best UV sunscreenHere is a high level UV sunscreen which will protect you when applied smartly. We do not recommend it over other broad spectrum creams. You can find other UV sunscreen lotions and creams at Amazon.

Fallene Cotz Plus SPF 58 Water Resistant UVB/UVA

The best UV sunscreen lotion is the one which has broad spectrum filtering UVA and UVB. You need to apply a generous layer to achieve the claimed SPF level. Reapply again every 2 hours to maintain the same level, if you are swimming reapply every 40/80 minutes depending on the product.

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