Smart Sun UV Protection Tips for Infants & Toddlers

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UV Protection Clothes for Infants & Toddlers

UV Protection for InfantsCan you Who are the most vulnerably group for sun UV skin damage? It’s infants and toddlers! They have the most delicate skin and they usually run loose with only a diaper at pools or at the beach. It’s is the parents responsibility too make sure that the young members of the family are safe from UV dangers.

The human skin is a living tissue, which is growing together with us everyday of our lives. It’s one of the largest ‘organs’ in the body too. When babies are born, their skin is so delicate it is nearly transparent. It is soft and smooth, and it is totally unprotected from UV radiation. As we grow, the skin gets thicker, there are more layers of ‘dead skin cells’ which are part of our natural epidermis.

One of the natural protection layers from UV is the skin tanning mechanism, which is created by the melanin cells in the skin tissue. The melanin in the skin makes the skin gets pigmented, and protects it from the sun light rays. Young babies and infants have minimum melanin production that’s why their skin is so milky white and transparent. They are actually even more exposed to UV than grownups.

Protecting Infants From UV Rays

It is not that difficult to reduce the UV exposure of infants and toddlers. Here are several guidelines to help you succeed:

  1. Plan outdoor activities – There is no sense to let the kids play in the mid day hours. These are the times when the UV radiation is at the highest level. At noon play inside, at 16:00 you can go outside with them.
  2. Plan place of activity – Toddlers are not like youth or teenager. They do not stray to far away. Go to parks and fun places which are under permanent shades (trees for example). It is less likely they will absorb UV there.
  3. infants Car Seat, Buggy, Stroller Shade Maker Safety Canopy Baby Sun Protection UPF 50+Cover them from UV in carseat – Toddlers and be strapped for many minutes (hours?) in a car seat. Even if the air condition in the car works in full power, the infant may be absorbing UV rays through the glass at the back seat. Covering the windows with a cotton blanket on may shade visible light but not block UVA radiation. UVA can penetrate regular fabrics! Use UPF 50+ car window shades to protect the baby/toddler.
  4. Toddlers Cancer HazardsUV shades for strollers – The same thing happens for infants in strollers. Mom goes shopping, or to jog in the park or just outside on a nice sunny day.. and the infant gets hours of UV light all over his/her body. When ever there is sun light there is UV light too. UVA is all year long, and UVB is during summer month mainly. Responsible mothers cover the baby with UV stroller shades that block 98% of UV radiation, so their child skin damage does not accelerate.
  5. Buy them UV clothing – One of the most effective way to reduce dramatically UV exposure is by wearing UV protective clothings. UPF clothes for infants cover most of their body, blocking UV radiation from reaching their skin. Wearing UPF clothes for infants, makes it easy on the parents not to fuss over sun exposure, because the infanta are mostly covered.

Buying The Right UV Clothes For Infants & Toddlers

Protect their delicate head with a UPF protection hat.

Boys Reversible Microfiber Sun Hat Bucket Turtle Camo, Upf50+

  • UPF50+ Sun Protection absolute must for a boys sun hat
  • Reversible, two complete hat looks for the price
  • High Quality Materials, Fashionable, Affordable
  • Removable Chin Strap for secure fit
  • Travel friendly crushable construction


 Boys Reversible Microfiber Sun Hat Bucket Turtle, Upf50+


Protect them at the beach from UV radiation.

Sun Protective UPF 50 Baby Boy Suit by NoZone

  • polyester
  • zipper closure
  • Blocks out more than 98% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation
  • Rated UPF 50+
  • Fully opening diaper zipper
  • Highly chlorine and salt resistant
  • Premium product manufactured to exacting standards

Sun Protective Baby Sun Suit by NoZone in your choice of colors


UV sun shelters for safe hours at the beach/backyard

Beach UV tent for toddlers

  • Self expanded in one second, folds down in 3 second.
  • Durable T190 UV protected Nylon (50+ UPF) rating on 3 sides of tent, flame retardant meets CPAI-84 standard.
  • Comes with 4 plastic ground stakes, sand bags pockets on both side panels. Full size carrying case with shoulder strap

Pop Up Family Beach Tent And Beach UV Sunshelter


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