How To Avoid Skin Aging To Lower Arms & Back of Hands

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Preventing Skin Aging On Arms & Hands

It is no secret that in order to know a woman’s age one has to look at her hands ad not at her face. The back of the hands has a delicate thin skin which is similar to the skin type we have at the neck.

What makes the skin of the back of our hands to age sooner is the fact that most of the time our hand’s skin is exposed to the sun. Sun exposure means UV radiations which brings except the risk of cancer all the aging side effectsUPF anti aging hand glove as wrinkles, age spots, freckles and skin pigmentation.

One of the overlooked places we expose our hands to the sun, is when driving and our hands are on the wheel. They are placed there, sometime for hours, under the glass of the windshield. We do not feel them getting burned because some of the UV radiation which cause tanning (UVB) is blocked by the glass.

But the damage is created and increases during the years. UVA radiation which are longer rays than UVB and are nearly similar to visible light penetrates glass clouds and most of the fabrics. So when our hands are placed on the wheel, they get a daily dose of UVA which is in charge of the early aging of the skin.

Is this reversible? No, when the processes begin they can not be undone.

How To Prevent Back Of Hand Skin Aging

Sun UV Protection Gloves For DrivingOne solution is wearing UPF protection gloves. Not every glove will block UVA, as the UVA radiation can penetrate most fabrics, the glove needs to have a UPF rating.

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is the level fabrics have been tested to filter UV radiation. UPF 50+ is the highest level possible and means over 98% of UV has been blocked.

See here UV driving gloves for women.

UV Shirt with sleeve glovesAnother way to protect the hand’s skin from UV is wearing UPF clothes which have long sleeves that cover the back of the hand. Some clothes have sleeves which turn into semi-gloves for better protection and more comfort than full gloves.

Wearing these will prevent sun UV to ‘bake’ the skin when we are in the sun or when the hands are on the steering wheel.

As you can see in the picture the wrap comes with unique long sleeve glove. Covering the back of the hands.

See here UV wrap cover with hand glove fitted.

Another way is to make sure the skin is always covered with high SPF cream which can block UVA too. Most cosmetics have low SPF rating 8-15, and even those with higher SPF have ZERO ability to filter UVA.

The new sexy driving gloves are the top option for skin protection from UV radiation. Keeping the skin at the back of the hands UV free.


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