Golf Players MUST Wear – UV Protective Clothes

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Golfers Sun UV Awareness

Golf Skin Cancer RisksGolf is a summer game, it is played on the wide greens under beautiful Skies. No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, as a golfer you are hours under direct sun light. Most golfers play for hours walking from pit to pit, watching other swing and enjoying the conversation. But all this time, the sun is pounding like a 10lb hammer over the skin. UV radiation is sending it’s invisible rays all over.

Unlike what most people think, T-shirts do not block UV radiation. The UVA rays penetrate most fabrics, clouds and reach deep into lower dermis layers. UVA are the longer ultraviolet rays and they cause all sorts of skin disorders like, wrinkles, spots, pigmentation and cancer.

UVB are the shorter ultraviolet rays and they are dangerous only in mid summer and at midday. UVB rays are easily to avoid, just play golf early in the morning or later at the afternoon and you are probably out of danger. Wearing white golf shirts will block most of the UVB rays because these rays can not penetrate fabrics.

Golfers Skin Cancer Risks

Dermatologists say that the skin have memory. Playing golf for many years mean the skin has absorbed lots of UV all over. there are several tips to follow to reduce the chances to get UV overdose when playing golf.

Pick the right hours – As mentioned above, play out of the steamy hot mid day hours. UVB levels decease at morning and afternoons. UVA levels stay the same all year round and when ever the sun is out. So swinging shots at different times is only a partial solution.

Watch golf in the shade – When ever you can stay out of the sun. During walks or watching other puts. Be under trees or under gold cart’s shades.

Apply broad spectrum UVA & UVB lotions – Most sun block creams are only rated SPF, which means they can deal with UVB only. These creams have been found by the FDA to be non effective for UVA. Only sun block creams which specifically say UVA & UVB are worth your trouble. They should be applied generously and be re-applied every hour to maintain their protective level.

Wear UV protection accessories – Put UV sunglasses, and wear UV hats, gloves and arm sleeves. There are UV umbrellas to protect golfers under direct sun light who stay out at the greens for hours.

UV Can Cause Golfers – Melanoma

Enjoying golf means to be able to play as much as you want and not to worry about such skin threats.

Solar Protective Clothes for Golfers

Today being protected from sun UV radiation has become easier than ever. New technology allows to manufacture UV blocking clothes. These carry the UPF rating and can block up to 99% of the incoming ultraviolet light.

Check out these golf UPF clothings:

Wearing UPF shirts and pants to the golf course protect the golfer for as much as needed for hours. These clothes are designed by the top sports brands, and fit professional players and beginners. Most of the pro golf players and PGA Tour players sponsor these clothings as part of their responsibility to other players.



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