Drowning & Electricity? Protect Children From UV!

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UV Protection & Awareness For Children

UV dangers For ChildrenAs parents we do what ever we can to keep our children protected. Some of this means to be there and protect them ourselves like when they lite a fire we do it for them, or when slightly older we watch them as they do it themselves. When we go to the pool we watch them from drowning, we teach them swimming, and make sure they do not go to the deep part of the pool. Regarding electricity we make the home as safe as possible.

But what about UV radiation? Every year in the US alone more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than any other cancer! Check these figures from the American Cancer Society:

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. It accounts for nearly half of all cancers in the United States. More than 3.5 million cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer are diagnosed in this country each year. Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, will account for more than 76,000 cases of skin cancer in 2014.

What can parents do about this?

Teach Children About Sun Exposure Hazards

The first step to any change is awareness. Talk about the sun dangers, explain UV, show examples of colors fading, wood cracking, skin pigmentation, skin spots, tanning and tanning burns. About the difference between heat and light (it could be cold but UV may be high), about UV reflection off different surfaces like sand, sea or snow.

Show personal example, apply sun screen, wear long sleeve shirts, sun glasses. Talk with your kids about walking and sitting in the shade, about planning activities before or after peak radiation hours.

Wearing UPF clothing which block 99% of UV radiation. Scrolling window shading at home, choosing shaded routes.

Teach children to be “careful in the sun”.

Actively Protect Children From UV Sun Exposure

Apart from serving example, parents should take action to reduce the amount of UV their children are exposed to.

  1. At home use UV filtering masking film on windows, if direct sun light enters your home (it will save your flooring and furniture from fading too!).
  2. At the car, putĀ Cling Sun Shades (2 in pack) on side windows to reduce UV on car seats.
  3. Use UV shade canopy in the garden or patio, to protect them when they are playing outside. This patio canopy can filter UV over swimming pools too.
  4. Get them UV blocking clothes which can filter up to 99% of all UV radiation.
  5. UV blocking swim suit, for days they are hours under direct sun light.

UPF Clothing For Children

If they have UV protective clothes they will wear them. A few Tees and 1-2 pants can be used on days of extreme sun screening. The clothes are comfortable and elastic no one can tell they are ‘solar armor’. There are clothes for girls and for boys.

Look for UPF 50 rating which is the highest rating for UV protective clothing.



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