Eye Damage & UV Protection Sunglasses

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Buying The Right UV Protection Sunglasses

UV Damage Cataract in human eyeMost people know that UV can cause skin cancer risks to their skin, but somehow many neglect the fact that the UV rays can cause severe eye damage. Unless protected with UV protective sunglasses, they eyes are at risk of developing sight damage due to excessive UV light side effects.

In this post we will try and cover the main issues you need to consider when purchasing UV eye wear. First are two main factors to know before buying any UV sunglasses.

Price – Price is not a factor when buying UV protection sunglasses. An expensive brand may not offer better protection than cheaper labels. So do not get attracted to the fancy names.

Fashion – Fashionable brands may have less experience and R&D for UV protection technology than the sports brands. A trendy brand may put more emphasis on the looks than on UV protection. Sport and extreme sport brands have better UV protection since their audience is very picky. Those climbing Mt Everest will not settle for nothing than the best.

UV Radiation and Eye Damage

It is well known to scientists and doctors that exposure to UV light can cause all sorts of eye damage and sight disorders. UV radiation is the invisible light, at the spectrum of 40nm – 400nm (nano-meter). This light can cause cataract and macular degeneration. Mayo Clinic adds on UV filter sun glasses:

Yes, ultraviolet (UV) eye protection matters. UV radiation from the sun can damage not only the skin of your eyelid but also the cornea, lens and other parts of the eye. UV exposure also contributes to the development of certain types of cataracts and possibly macular degeneration. Read more.

What To Look For In UV Filtering Glasses

Look For a Clear Proud UV Label

The first is to look for the UV protection label offered by the manufacturer. In the US the UV protection level is not monitored by the FDA or any other official administration, so there is no way to know for sure the UV lenses filter is real or not. Buying a pair from well known brands & a well known merchant may help reduce the risk of buying a fake sunglasses with a UV sticker and not UV lenses.

Look for those offering UVA and UVB protection. Both UV rays are dangerous to the eyes, and most UV glasses have only UVB protection level. Search for those who have broad spectrum UV defense they are sometimes carry the UV400 Label. This mean the sunglasses block both up to 400 nm light waves, which are UVA and UVB rays.

The Color Of The Lens Do Not Matter

The darkness of the lenses or the color of the lenses have no impact on the UV filter level they offer. UV sunglasses can come in blue, red or brown lenses. They can be darker or allow in more light. The solar UV filtering is reached by special coats added to the lenses during their manufacture. Darker lenses block more visible light but unless covered with UV protective layers will transfer all UV to the eyes.

Special Sunglasses Features May Be Helpful

There are some other features to sunglasses which make them more useful and efficient.

  • Mirrored – Those glasses which look like mirror on the other side usually block away more regular light. Unless they have UV label they have no added value concerning Ultraviolet filtering.
  • Polarized – These sunglasses have a coat which reduces light glare. The image seen will be sharper when light reflects of surfaces as roads, sea or snow.
  • Wraparound – Some sports sunglasses have covers from the sides of the glasses. These will reduce light entering from the corners of the eye and can serve better UV protection to the skin around the eyes.

UV Sunglasses Conclusion

Dirty Harry UV SunglassesPick the sunglasses for the activity they are needed for. Most people need sunglasses for driving and walking. For these activities simple sunglasses with UV protection will do. Any $20 glasses may do their job. Like these $10 Dirty Harry Black Sunglasses.

Sport UV Protection Sunglasses For sports like running, cycling, baseball, football, tennis, golf and extreme sports it is better to invest in higher level of high impact materials. Plastic lenses have less weight than glass lenses, but they tend to get scratched more easily.

Polycarbonate UV lenses which are popular for sports have anti-scratch covers which make them more durable for outdoors and sports activities.

Like these $34 XS TR90 Sunglasses uv400 Unbreakable Protection for Cycling, Ski or Golf.


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