Dri Fit Running Clothes With UV Protection

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Dri Fit Runner’s Clothes With UV Sun Protection

Dri Fit Running Clothes With UV ProtectionRunners who keep a regular training schedule, need running clothes to be able to keep their body dry, and protect them from sun UV rays. Dri Fit is a common name for fabrics which retract sweat from the body. But most of Dri Fit shirts do not protect from UV sun rays.

These Dri Fit shirts and running trunks, are made from nylon, and are very light weight. They are also very breathable, and have thousands of tiny air holes to supply fresh breeze which cools the skin of the runner and wicks away the sweat. When running marathons or half marathons, each run can take a few hours, in this time the body sweats a few liters of sweat.

Regular cotton running T shirts, absorb most of the sweat and become heavy! Wet shirts can cause runners chaffs and rub the skin. Dri Fit shirts are light weight, they wick the sweat and stay dry, the skin of the runners is cooled by the micro air ventilation.

Outdoor Sports and Skin Cancer

There is much more awareness at present days to the risks of skin cancer for those who do outdoor sports. Being long hours in the sun, running, swimming, golf or basketball, the skin is exposed to huge amounts of UV radiation. Not all athletes remember to apply SPF creams regularly.

These SPF creams protect from UVB (sun tanning) rays, but do not protect from UVA which is the longer sun rays, which are invisible and harmful UV radiation.

Runners Dri-Fit UV Protection T-ShirtUPF clothing, are made by special technology which makes the fabrics UV proof. The UPF rating shirts, have a combination of fabric, weave, dye and materials added which makes the Dri Fit running shirt resistant to UV. When UV rays reach the UPF rated shirt the rays are either blocked or reflected away, and they do not reach the skin of the runner.

Running Shirts With UV Protection

There are several UPF ratings. The lowest UPF rate protection is UPF 15, the highest protection level is UPF 50. At the highest UV protection level, less than 1% of the UV will reach the skin. Regular cotton shirt will pass 95% of the UV to the skin, because cotton has a low UV protection factor.

Nike’s has a large collection of Dri Fit running shirts, but you need to look for those with the UV protection added. These shirts have UPF rating of 30 which is high compared to regular running shirts.

Check here Nike’s running UV shirt: Nike Miler Dri-Fit UV Short Sleeve T-Shirt (see image above).

For higher UV protection here is the Coolibar UV shirts which have UPF 50 protection rating.

Coolibar’s Fitness UV Shirts

Mens fitness UPF UV protection shirt

  • Sun protective 3D dri SUNTECT Polyester
  • Pull On closure
  • Rated UPF 50+
  • Wicking fibers for cool touch
  • Tiny grid pattern lifts fabric off skin for air circulation
  • Drop tail hem for extended back coverage
  • Easy care: machine wash, tumble dry

Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Shirt – Sun Protective


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