Does Your Car Window Block UV Rays?

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Do Car Windshields Block UV Rays?

Window UV car protection and dangersThe answer to this question depends of the type of car you have, but in most cases the answer would be NO. Car windows do not block UV and it is already proven that those who developed melanoma on their left side, have been found to be more time behind the wheel exposed to the sun while driving.

Windshields are not made only from glass, because for safety reasons they have to be secure from shattering in case of an accident. In some cars the front windshield has been found to filter up to 50% of the UV. It is not enough but certainly better than nothing.

Regarding the side windows, the UV filtering gets much worse. Tests have found that side windows may filter as little as 20% of the UV.

Some cars have tinted back windows, these dark windows can reduce the sunlight and keep the back seats cooler. But getting less sun light and a cool effect doesn’t mean there is no UV.

How UV Light Penetrates Your Car

The earth is getting both UVB and UVA, the former are short ultraviolet light rays, which cause mainly skin tanning and redness. UVB affects the upper layers of the skin.

UVB can be easily filtered and blocked, any shade or layer can filter UVB. The short waves can not pass even a T shirt.

The UVA which is the longer rays UV radiation, have ability to penetrate clouds and some surfaces. The UVA reaches deeper to lower skin layers and cause the long term damage like wrinkles and skin cancer. UVA can penetrate cotton T shirts and other materials.

When it comes to your car, if you have tinted windows, they may be filtering UVB, but it may not be designed for UVA protection too. There are several solutions to increase the backseat protection from harmful UV.

Car Window Solutions To Reduce UV

Car_window_UV_shadeThe most easy solution is to add a quick UV sun screen shade.

The advantages for these are that they are effective and can filter up to 97% of UV, they are easy to put, and with no hassle or any know how anyone can do it.

When you sell the car or go on a ride with a different car you can transfer them in a minute. Their downside is that if you open the window they will fall off. Get two UV car shades here.

Another solution would be the UV adhesive film. These come in a UV protective film roll, which can be cut to fit the whole window. Their coverage is better as they cover the whole window, and keep the interior of the car cooler. You can use this to cover every window (except the windshield..) which means keeping nearly all UV filtered. This solution is more “permanent” than the cling shades, and you can open and close the window with no need to replace the UV shade back.

The downside is that installing requires 10 minutes, but there are plenty of online videos which show how to do it. You may want also to check your state tint laws prior to purchasing. Click here to get a UV tint film for car window protection.

Though most of the obvious dangers are from car accidents, one must remember that current estimates are that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. It’s one of the top 3 most common cancers.

Do not underestimate the dangers of UV radiation for you or your kids while driving.

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