Do House Windows Block UV Rays?

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House Windows And UV Rays

sun uv and window house blockingMost people feel safe at home, they feel they are protected from outside dangers. But this is not always true when it comes to UV rays penetrating your home through the windows.

There are two kinds of UV rays, the shorter ones which are UVB and the longer ones which are UVA. The sun light we are exposed to everyday, send both of these rays combined with the visible light we see. This means that if you have sun light entering your home, it comes with some kind of UV radiation with it.

Now the main question is how much of this UV radiation is blocked by the windows.

How Much Radiation Is Blocked by House Windows

Presumably your house windows are not tinted and have no inner / outer coating for extra UV protection. There have been several studies on this (checked on car windows), and it has been proven that the longer UVA rays can penetrate the window and pass to those sitting inside. See the report about sun UV and window filtering by

While both UVA and UVB rays can harm the skin and lead to skin cancers, UVB is effectively blocked by glass. However, at least 50 percent of UVA radiation can pass through windows. (Car windows have been proven to let in more than 60 percent.) Read more.

This means that when the house is flooded with sunlight which is great and warm, and saves electricity.. It also means those who sit in this sun light get extra amount of UVA radiation, which they are not aware of. The good news is upgrading the UV filtering is possible in many cases.

While UVB are the ‘tanning’ rays, they ‘bake’ the upper layers of the skin creating the tan (and skin burns). The UVA are the longer rays, which are the ones who reach lower levels and do cell damage which cause the long term side effects of the UV.

Unlike UVB which is stronger during hot hours, UVA levels are same all day. So you should be less hours in the sun when possible, even if it is behind windows.

How To Be Protected From UVA at Home

UV window film clear protectionYou can protect yourself and your kids while at home from UV, by applying few simple guidelines.

First be aware that even if you are behind glass windows you are still exposed to UVA.

The best protection would be to add UV protection cling film on your windows. These can be tinted or transparent, but will reduce to nearly zero the UV penetration.

Get a clear UV protection film which lets the sunlight in, but keeps the UVA out. So you can enjoy the upsides and warmth of direct sunlight, without the dangerous downsides of UV light.

There are other reasons why such protection is worthwhile and that is the cooling effect which cuts electricity costs. Keeping the glare out, means the house is easily cooled, and summer days are more pleasant.

Click here and order UV window cling to keep UVA out. It is easy to apply and most people will manage to do it alone.

It is smart to stay away from the sun, and keep the sun away from your home.



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