Did You Know There Are UV Dangers During Autumn & Fall

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UV Dangers During Autumn & Fall

UV scarf Protection SPFMost of the people have in mind that only during summer there are UV dangers. They are right, but believing that there are no UV dangers during autumn is wrong. For those who have sensitive skin and need to watch from UV long term effects, this information is important. It is also worth for parents to children, as their skin is thin and is exposed to UV dangers more than adults skin.

Why People Overlook Autumn UV Radiation

There are two kinds of UV radiation reaching earth from the sun. The UVB rays are the short “heat” rays. They are the rays which are intense in the summer and because they are short they get weaker during winter, as the earth spin away from the sun.

But UVB are not the only rays arriving from the sun. The one which you need to look out from are the UVA which are the longer rays. these rays are reaching earth with visible light. UVA is all around us 365 days a year. Like the sun does not get “dark” at autumn, so does the UVA does not get weaker during this season.

The main problem with autumn and winter UVA is that rarely do people acknowledge it, and put effort to protect their skin from it. UVA rates do not change when seasons change. This means that if you worry about UVA exposure at June, the same UVA is around you at September!

Can You Protect Your Skin At Autumn

Women's Nomad Roll-Up PantYES, there are several things you could do to lower the exposure to UVA during autumn month. UVA has the ability to penetrate clouds and some fabrics. This means you need to keep staying in the shade, even if it’s not hot and there is no “burning” feeling when in direct sun light. The UVB may not be as intense but the UVA is.

The same summer clothing will protect you at autumn. A wide brim hat, long sleeves, and long pants. These are more easy to wear at autumn because it gets cooler.

Note that most fabrics DO NOT block UVA. UV can penetrate most fabrics, for example a cotton shirt can block 5%-10% of all UV. This means that you still need UV blocking clothes to protect you from UV radiation.

UPF protective wrap for women

UV blocking clothes carry the UPF ratings begin at 15 and go up to 50 (highest). The rating tells you how well the clothes will be filtering UV. The high UPF clothes 30-50 can block 95%-99% of all UV.


Wearing a women’s UPF wrap over a regular shirt will both keep you warm and protected. If you are regularly outside, you may need to think of UPF pants, as the lower part of the body gets as much UV as the upper part, and there is no reason to let the legs absorb UV.

Sun UV Protective T ShirtMen:

Wearing a UPF long sleeve Tee shirt under any other shirt will keep guys upper body protected from UVA even at autumn.

Applying a broad spectrum SPF cream is wise all year, and should be applied over face and arms and uncovered skin.



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