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How To Protect Your Neck From UV Radiation

When someone has the need to protect their neck from UV sun exposure, unique solutions could be considered.

There are cases when a surgery was done at the side of the neck, and the area should not be exposed to sun light. Or a sun spot on the side of the neck becomes suspicious, and the doctor recommends to reduce it’s exposure to the sun.

Here are three ideas how to cover the skin at the neck to reduce the UV radiation absorbed.

Wear a UPF Hat With a Neck Cover

While all the UPF hats protect from UV sun rays, most of the hats do not cover the back of the neck or sides.

In order to complete the coverage of these parts, you should look for a UV hat which has neck flap covers.

UV resistance clothingThe pros, it’s a total UPF cover, no UV can leak inside. The cons are that most of these hats look like Indiana Jones hats and are not so feminine. So it’s a solution for men, and less for women.

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Women’s UPF hats which have wide brims can cover the neck too, but less than the Indiana Jones desert hats designated for such purpose.

Protecting The Neck With UV Umbrella

UV Sun Umbrella for WomenThe second solution is a partial solution only. There are UV umbrellas which can block p to 98% of the UV. While they are covering the head and shoulders, the Umbrella protects the neck from UV too.

The pros, is that its more comfortable for some to hold a sun umbrella than to be with a hat all day. Hats can ruin your hair, or can look clumsy if you are nicely dressed. The right UV umbrella can look very stylish.

The cons is that you will have one hand full all the time, and for men holding an umbrella is awkward (unless it’s the titanium ones).

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Wearing a UV Protective Scarf

This option is vary favorable for women and less for men. Sun Dickie UV protection clothes brand, has a line of UV protection scarf’s which women really adore.

The UV scarf can protect the neck fully just like a hat, but with a twist of style. Scarfs can be worn in many formations, covering the head or just the neck, folded or loose..

Check here to see the available UV scarf designs

There are different styles so you can fit them to other apparel you have.



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