Can an Umbrella Protect You From UV Dangers?

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Reducing UV With a Protective Umbrella

There is no doubt that if you manage to reduce the UV radiation, your skin health with increase dramatically. The solar UV rays are the main cause for skin cancer, skin aging and skin diseases.  Using an umbrella might be a very clever idea, as long as it is the RIGHT umbrella. Not every rain umbrella will protect you from UV, but they all will give you some kind of shading which can decease UV exposure.

There are two different UV rays to stay away from, the short UVB and the longer rays called UVA. A regular winter umbrella may be effective to reduce UVB. That is because UVB rays which cause tanning have less ability to penetrate fabrics.

But one must not ignore UVA, which was found to be causing the long term cancerous risks. UVA causes wrinkles, skin aging, skin spots and pigmentation. UVA can penetrate most fabrics, there is even UVA radiation on cloudy days! So walking with a “rain umbrella” during a sunny day, will not protect your face and neck from UVA.

To reduce the risk of early skin aging, wrinkles, sun spots and other long term side effects, it is recommended to use a UV blocking umbrella. These items were designed to block up to 99% of incoming UV. Sun protective umbrellas are made from advanced fabrics, dyes and materials which block both UVB and UVA.

Japanese women which are known for their great skin use umbrellas all the time to avoid sun damage.

You will see at Amazon the UV shade umbrellas have an UPF ratings which measures their UV protection factor. The highest rate will be UPF 50. Which means it has been tested and found to block 98-99 percent of all UV.

Advantages Of A UV Umbrella

There are many ways to reduce sun radiation and be protected against it’s harmful rays. From applying SPF creams, and wearing a hat, walking in the shade, using a UV umbrella and planning the outdoor activities out of the peak solar hours.

The main benefits of choosing a UV umbrella are:

  • An Umbrella covers the face, neck, cleavage and shoulders from UV.
  • It protects a larger area than any UPF hat.
  • It is a better solution for women who do not to wear a hat but need a high UV protection level for their face and neck.
  • Can protect arms too, so no need for long sleeves.
  • It’s a substitute to SPF creams which may be sticky, smelly or just not relevant like when in full makeup.
  • It’s cooler under an umbrella shadow.
  • It has style..

There are two main styles of sun umbrellas to pick from. A sports umbrella or a casual umbrella.

UV Protective Umbrellas For Men

The sport type umbrellas are those with fabrics that look like sleek. They have a silver gloss which reflects the UV. They are the top pick for men who need to reduce UV radiation and will be embarrassed to walk with a fluffy designed umbrella.

The sports umbrella fold into a small rod, and they have a large canopy with dark dye inside. Some designs have air flow flaps to allow fresh air in, to support a cooler environment under the canopy.

Check here leading men’s sport’s type UV umbrella.

Women’s UV Umbrellas

The rest of the umbrellas are colorful and stylish items. These are the popular item of choice by women. Some are straight forward single color UV folding umbrella, others have flower designs or even romantic 20’s type of fabrics.

As for their UV protection level, the color and design do not matter. As long as they have a UPF 40-50 rate they will block 95% or more of the UV. You may want to think of your dressing style and have a mix and match option of two umbrellas.

Check here for women’s UV protective umbrellas.

If you plan to use a regular winter umbrella instead of a UV blocking umbrella, note that black umbrellas were found much more effective absorbing UV.

Stylish UV Protection Umbrellas

UV Sun Umbrella for WomenThere are stylish romantic designs too, which have a high UV protection rate. So you can be both protected from harmful rays and stylish at the same time.

See stylish UV umbrellas here.

The most important issue is to make sure you get as little sun exposure as possible. Wear sun screen hat, and apply lotions, long sleeve shirts and walk in the shade. Together with a nice UV umbrella your skin is rather protected from UV sun rays.


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