Brian Davis PGA Golf Skin Cancer Awareness

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PGA Skin Cancer Awareness For Golfers

It is well known that UV light can destroy and modify base pairs of DNA and by that to create the cause of melanoma skin cancer. Brian Davis PGA golf player had skin cancer and is using his wide reputation as a golf player, to raise awareness to the subject.

Every year hundreds of thousands of golfers play for hours on the green fields and put their health in danger. Most of the players do not even think of skin cancer when they are swinging or driving long putts.

For this reason Brian Davis and the PGA Tour have joined forces to help others be aware of the skin cancer dangers from over exposure to harmful UV radiation.

Here are useful simple tips to avoid the risk of skin cancer and other UV side effects.

The sun is sending UV rays to earth everyday of the year. The light which is invisible to human sight is the ultraviolet light. It is this light which cause skin problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation, skin spots and melanoma.

Be A Smart-in-The-Sun Golfer

When you play golf use UVA & UVB sunscreen regularly, make sure to apply generously over exposed skin: arms, legs, neck and face. The SPF factor does not have a any significant impact on filtering sun rays. Any sun screen over SPF 30 is good enough. Only “broad spectrum” creams (like this one) will protect from the UVA radiation.  Regular lotions do not filter UVA.

Stay away from the mid day sun, it is the hours when the UVB are at the peak levels. Walk in the shade, sit in the shade.

Use sun protection accessories: a golf hat with a wide rim, sun glasses which filter UV rays, gloves and long sleeves can reduce the over all body exposure to UV radiation.

Get a few sets of UV golf protection clothings – after the Ozone layer getting thinner and the number of skin cancer patients rised dramatically, new technologies have been developed for UV filtering.

Golfers UPF Clothes For UV Protection

Golf UV Skin Cancer RisksThe new technologies have implemented advance fabrics materials, engineering, dye and waiving to create shirts and pants which can block up to 99% of UV radiation. These UV protective cloth carry the UPF rating which means – Ultraviolet Protection Factor.

A higher factor means better protection. The maximum factor is 50 (or 50+ rating) which means less than 1% of UV will pass the fabric. Regular cotton shirts do not protect from UV and as much as 95% of the UV will reach the skin!

Check out these golf UPF clothings:

Wear these UPF shirts and UPF pants, regularly when you go out on the greens. These cover most of the body skin, and protect from both UVA and UVB radiation. UPF clothing is better than sun blocks because they do not loose their effectiveness after an hour, and maintain the same high level of UV protection throughout the game.

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