Enjoying The Beach Without UV Cancer Threats..

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Going To The Beach? Avoid UV Cancer Risks

When going to the beach the last thing you want to think about is getting skin cancer.. Beach is all about tanned bodies, nice looking girls and guys, bikinis, cool water and surfers. Beach is romantic. Beach is freedom.

But beach means a lot of direct sun UV too.

There are some simple tips to follow so you know you are protected from most of the UV treats, so you can just have a great time and enjoy yourself. People with fair skin have less melanin cell in their skin. This means their body is less adapted to absorb sun light. This means they are in a risk to get sun burns and long term skin problems later on in life.

Be UV Protected When Going To The Sea

The sea is beautiful at sunrise and at sunset. The red skies, the silent waves, the cool sand are all a romantic scenery for some of the best lovers moments. These are the safest times also. At noon the UV rates jump through the roof.

If you intend to stay at the sea side during noon hours, just follow these simple tips and you will decrease by far your exposure to UV radiation.

Wear UPF Clothing

Beach UV Sun Protective WrapToday there are new fabrics labeled by their UV protection level called UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). These clothes can block and reflect up to 99% of UV rays. Wearing a UPF protective wrap at the beach will reduce the chances of sun burns and deeper tissue sun hazards otherwise possible.

A sun UV protective wrap allows you to wear your favorite bikini and still be protected from UV radiation on your arms and shoulders.

Wear A UPF Rash Gaurd Shirt

SPF 50+ Navy Long Sleeve Rash GuardGoing to the sea means showing off your body. Wearing a bikini all day may serve this but will place you in risk of sun burns and long term UV hazards.

There are other ways to look cool and attractive when at the beach – A UPF rash guard shirt. Short enough to show a slim belly, tight enough to show off boobs, and total protection from UV rays.

UPF shirts come in many colors and sizes, the fabrics are flexible and soft. Men love to look at women who are covered, it gives them more things to imagine..

Have Private Moments In a UV Protective Shade

UV beach protection for childrenOne popular solution is an easy folding UV protective beach shade. They come in many sizes and shapes and they all block UV radiation. You can sit in them for hours, enjoy the view, the wind and fresh air, and still be protected from UV radiation.

These UV protective shades can be nice for some privacy from preying eyes and let you have some romantic moments without the fear of your pictures posted on someone’s FB wall.

The shades have a base so you do not have sand inside, sun protection from all sides and a wide window which you can choose to close.


Going to the sea is fun and relaxing. Being protected there from UV will make your skin thank you in the long run.

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