Baby Jogger Sun Protective Shade

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Keeping Baby UV Safe When Jogging

It is highly recommended to do mild sports during and after the baby is born. One of the most common sports is jogging with the baby jogger along sunny park trails.

An average jog can take from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and long walks when the baby is dozing to sleep can take the same time. During this time the baby skin is exposed to direct sun light and UV radiation.

UVA & UVB Direct Sun Light

The earth is constantly receiving two kinds of UV rays. Short UVB sun rays which are stronger during summer and cause skin tanning. And UVA which are longer sun wavelength rays which are at the same level 365 days a year. UVA rays can penetrate clothes, clouds and many other materials.

Protecting the children’s skin from UVB and UVA means protecting the soft thin skin from long terms sun damages.

Most strollers have an umbrella which shades the baby. But these are difficult to use when walking or running as they need to be adjusted every minute when ever the stroller or jogger takes a turn.

Jogger UV Protective Canopy

UV Baby Blanket for JoggersUsing a sun protective canopy, the baby can be protected from sun UV rays for the whole run. A UPF rating canopy shading means ultraviolet rays are blocked or reflected and do not reach the skin.

High UPF rating (50+ is the maximum) means over 99% of incoming UV rays are blocked.

There is no need to be a professional runner to use one of these. Babies sit in the jogger for hours in many occasions and absorbs too much sun light without being able to shade themselves.

It is thought that 80% of the skin exposure to the sun happens during childhood. Parents have the obligation to make sure their children are not exposed to high doses of unnecessary sun light.

Parents should be wearing UPF clothing too if they jog for ours in sunny days. Regular clothes do not protect from UVA. These wavelength penetrate clothes and reach lower skin layers, and cause long term effects.

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