Are Your Children Exposed To UV In Backyard Pool?

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Children UV Hazards In Back Yard Pool

Intex Above Ground backyard poolWhen the summer arrives, millions of families across the country open their inflatable pools for a fun wet season. A backyard inflatable pool is an exciting activity for kids, who can play and splash in such pools for hours. One of the things you must have in mind when your kids are out in the pool, is that they are probably in the sun too! Being exposed to so much sun light carries hazards a responsible parent should never overlook.

With every light ray which the sun sends, arrives to earth also UV light, which is invisible to the human eye. The ultraviolet rays are shorter than visible light, the short UV rays are UVB they cause tanning and / or skin burns. The longer UV rays are called UVA and they penetrate deeper to the skin reaching to lower skin layers and they cause skin aging, wrinkles, sun spots and accelerate skin cancer. UVA (the long rays) can penetrate cotton clothes, clouds, and is existing everywhere there is sun light.

Main UV Hazards For Kids In Pool

The main hazards from UV around the pool are: Excessive tanning, skin burns, sun spots and long term skin diseases. “Risks for skin and other cancers up to 25 years after burn injuries.” Says the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

The sun is always out there, so what is the big deal about pool hazards?

Exposure for hours – When the kids play in the pool, they usually play there for hours. The water and wind is cooling the skin, so no one feels the burning beams of the sun on the skin.

More exposed skin – When the kids play in the yard, they are with shirts, but when kids are in the pool there is much more exposed skin! The UVB is reaching more skin surface compared to any other outdoor activity.

Added UV through reflection – The water and other shinny surfaces which reflect the sun light add to the overall UV exposure. We all know that looking at the clear pool water in a sunny day shows thousands of shinny spots, the sun is reflecting all around. This can add up to 25% more UV radiation when in the water.

All these three factors make the backyard pool more dangerous for your children compared to any other summer activity.

Protecting Children From UV In Backyard Pool

The best way to protect your children from excessive UV exposure during summer season, is following these guidelines. If there are accessories which you still do not have, make sure to order so they can protect your kids this year and following years.

Place the pool in shaded area – It’s your home and you can decide where the pool will be inflated. Make sure to inflate it where there is shade by trees or the house.

solar UV light shade for backyardAdd a UV shade canopy over pool – Not everyone has trees or permanent shade over the backyard. Or have a choice where to inflate the backyard pool. The best way to protect children (and yourself) from UV radiation, is by adding a UV shade canopy over the pool area.

These canopy sails cover large area or the pool or backyard, the kids can play in the shade and be safe from UV. The shade can lower the air temperature under it by a few degrees so it is nicer for everyone to sit or play there for longer periods. If you do not have a sun shade canopy – get one HERE.

upf swim uv suit for poolGive the kids proper UV protective swimsuits – No matter how much you will try and shade the back yard or pool area, the kids will somehow find ways to be in the sun.. There the UV radiation is direct and at it’s most intense level. The best way to keep UV off their delicate skin is by wearing UV blocking swimsuits.

Rash guard suits which include full body bathing suits, need to have high UPF rating. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. It is like the cosmetics SPF rating, just for fabrics.

UPF 50+ Girls UPF rash guard
UPF 50 Girls UPF Rash Guard

Wearing a shirt in the pool will not filter UVA radiation which penetrates clouds and clothes. Only 50 UPF rating swimming clothes can block up to 99% of UV radiation. UPF 50 is the highest level possible.

If you do not have UPF 50 swimming suits for boysClick here to order them right away from Amazon.

For girls UPF 50 swimming suits – Click here to order.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen Lotions

The last layer of protection is making sure the kids are covered with UVA + UVB sunscreen lotions when they are playing outside in the pool. The lotion should be water resistant so it will not wash off once they are in the water. The FDA recommends that the sun screen lotion would be applied every two hours.

The sun protective lotion should be applied over exposed skin which is not covered by the UPF rash-guard suits, lower arms, neck and face.

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