A Wet Shirt Has Better UV Protection Than a Dry Shirt

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Use a Wet Shirt For UV Protection

wet shirt for UV protectionIf you are out in the pool or sea, and you find out that you are not prepared for decent UV protection, know that you can increase the level of protection by some simple means. Non of the options below can be a permanent alternative to wearing sun blocking shirts and applying sunscreen.

The amount of UV which penetrates a fabric is depending on several factors, between them the type of dye, type of fiber, density, weight and color.

Shirts which fibers are loose like cotton T shirts have low UV protection factor. Shirts from nylon and polyester have better UV protection factor. There is a simple fact that a wet shirt gets heavier (from the water) and that it shrinks slightly. This means the cottonĀ  fabrics have absorbed water, they become darker, the gaps are tighter, so there is less “holes” in which light can penetrate.

So if you have found yourself outside, and the kids play in the sun and you know you are at risk of absorbing too much UV, you can soak the T shirts in water, and know you have increased the UV protection be a few levels up.

Try and avoid getting sun skin burns. Doctors say more than 5 of those in a lifetime can raise the risk of skin cancer quite a lot. Teach you kids to stay away from the sun, to play in the shade, walk on the shaded side of the road.

Get UV Protective Apparel

Wet shirt UV protectionThe best thing you can do for yourself is getting UV protective shirt and pants.

When you are wearing solar performance clothes you decrease the UV exposure by 90%! It is still wise to stay away from the sun, but at least you know you are protected.

If you are caught unready, soak the shirt in water to improve it’s UV filtering features.

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