6 Tips Protecting Your Kids From UV Radiation

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Skin Damage is Created At Childhood

UV protective clothes for kidsThere is a known fact by dermatologists, that most of the skin damage is created during childhood years, when the youngsters skin is sensitive to UV radiation. Here are six tips to help you protect your kids better from UV radiation.

Educate Kids About Sun Hazards

Children love to play outside and be in the sun. They are not aware of the dangers which come along with hours of unprotected exposure. Like you educate your children to beware of traffic and road dangers, and to be aware of strangers, teach them to be aware of sun exposure.

Show Your Children Example

Children learn more by watching us than to listening to what we have to say.. The best way to teach them to stay safe from UV radiation is to show them you do it too. Announce when you prefer to sit in the shade “so you are away from UV”, let them know you applied SPF cream when you do. Show them behavioral example when you do something to be safe from the sun.

Plan Their Schedual To Low Radiation Time

The sun is not harmful at the same rate all day long. It is the peak hours which are most dangerous. Then the UVB (burning rays) are at their highest level. Planning the day that at midday, you are at a shopping mall, or at some other indoor facility. Plan their outdoor activities to the late noon hours. The radiation decreases after 15:00.

Applying SPF Creams On Regular Basis

Many people use SPF creams only when on vacation, or when going to the beach or pool. But The truth is that we a re exposing our children’s skin to the sun everyday.. and wearing regular cloth does not protect them from UVA. Though it’s sometimes a hassle to rub cream on children, it is important that their face and arms which are not covered by clothes will be covered with SPF lotion.

Use Simple Sun Awareness Tips

Being protected from UV is no big deal. You just need to be aware t stay away from the sun at mid day, be covered by the right clothes, wearing a hat, sun glasses, and long sleeves when ever you can. Plan your day and routes to be in the shade and not in direct sun light. Drink plenty of water too it helps the skin cells rejuvenate.

Get Them UPF Clothing

UV blocking shirts for girlsIt is hard to watch over kids all day long. They are at school or outside, and with all the efforts t protect them, they are mostly doing what ever they want. This means that they may be sitting with a friend in direct sun light every day at school. Or sitting in class absorbing UVA radiation which penetrates clouds, windows, and clothes.

The only way you can truly be sure they are protected is when they are wearing UPF clothing, these are UV protection clothes. UPF clothing have become very popular in the last few years, as the rates of skin cancer continue to rise and the UV awareness increases as well.

UPF Protective Shirts For Boys

UV Blocking Clothes For Girls

Above are some UPF clothing for children, they look like regular T shirts but unlike regular T shirts which block only 5% of UV radiation UPF shirts can block up to 98% of UV radiation. Protecting your children better than anything else you do.

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