5 Facts You DIDN’T Know About SPF Lotions

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FDA Cracked Down On SPF Creams

FDA and SPF CreamsMany people relay on SPF creams as part of their UV protection. Most of us grew up knowing that if we are outdoors in the sun, we should apply some sun protective cream and we are safe from sun risks and skin damage. But the truth could not be further than that. Here are 5 facts you may not have been aware of, about the SPF creams and lotions.

SPF Creams Do Not Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

Many researches have been done, trying to scan the effectiveness of SPF creams and lotions. The results shocked the researchers, in many cases people who used SPF creams had higher percentage of skin cancer than people who rarely used these creams.

Apparently SPF can reduce the risk of sunburns, but has little or no effect on reducing skin cancer. This is why the FDA requested all manufacturers to remove such claims off their products.

SPF Creams Do Not Block UVA

SPF protection factor, is quite effective reducing UVB rays. These rays are the shorter sun rays, and cause skin tanning and skin burns. SPF has little or no effect reducing UVA sun rays which are those who penetrate deeper into lower skin layers. UVA is now known for it’s contribution to skin cancer development in skin cells. Only creams with UVA screening ingredients can lower UVA levels.

Sun Screen Not Sun Block – Creams

Since the little protection this lotions and creams apply, the FDA requested all manufacturers to stop calling their products “Sun Block” creams since they do not block much of anything.. These items need to be referred as “Sun Screening” because they only filter some of the incoming rays. For broader protection look for the broad spectrum creams which cover UVA & UVB. If there is no mention to UVA or broad spectrum, the cream protection is really limited.

SPF 50 Is Max Level Do Not Pay For More

You go to the store and see two items side by side, one has SPF 50 and the other is SPF 90, which of them would protect your kids better from the summer sun? Most customers would think SPF 90 is twice as good than the SPF 50, and will be willing to pay more for the “higher protection”. The truth is that they are so similar that the FDA ruled that the highest level claimed should be 50. Higher SPF has so little added value it is even difficult to measure it..

How Much SPF Cream Is Enough

The FDA learned that most people place some SPF cream on their fingers and then rub it all over their body. According the FDA the actual amounts of sun protective creams which need to be used is measured by teaspoons per area! This means you need 1 teaspoon for each arm, 1 teaspoon for chest, 1 teaspoon for back, and 1 teaspoon for each leg. So unless you cover yourself  generously with sun screen you are exposed to UV dangers and higher skin cancer risk.

What Are You Going To Do

Sun protective UV blocking shirts for women
Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Sun Protective

The thing is that most people count on the sun filtering creams as the first and only protection level, while it should be the last and least. Wearing UPF clothes is the only true way to protect your skin.

High performance UPF clothes can block up to 98% of all UV radiation. New fabrics, new designs, come in all colors and styles, for men, women and children. It is still recommended to apply SPF cream, but unless you wear UPF clothes you are NOT really protected.

Check here UPF Clothes for MEN and UPF clothing for WOMEN. Pick your style and color, but make sure it’s UPF.


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