3 Tips How Women Can Reduce UV Exposure With Clothes

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Clothes Can Reduce UV Skin Exposure

UV Clothes for womenIt is no secret that the UV radiation can cause long term side effects, which at best will cause your skin to rapidly age, or at worst develop skin cancer. But the fact that we are surrounded by solar radiation does not mean we should give up and be less protected.

Here are three tips which will allow you to use clothing to reduce UV and to slow down the aging effects UV has on your skin.

Wearing Clothes In Layers Will Reduce UV

UV is invisible light which comes from the sun and can penetrate most fabrics. The UV gets to the skin layers and cause cells and tissue to behave differently causing mutation to the cells.

Some of the shorter UV rays can be filtered by any clothing you wear. But the longer UV wavelength rays can penetrate most fabrics. These long rays are the one which cause the skin aging, loss of elastics and pigmentation.

Wearing more than one layer will filter a wider spectrum of UV as the light will have a difficult time to pass through multiple layers. So a T shirt under a blouse means less UV than any of them alone. Note that natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk etc. Give less UV protection than man made fabrics like nylon.

Black Fabrics Absorb More UV Than White Ones

It is a known fact that light is attracted to dark colors. A black shirt will be warmer than a white shirt if they are both exposed to the same amount of sun light. In fact the whole technology of laser hair removal is based on this principle, of dark matter absorbing the light and the heat disables the hair growth.

In lab tests, black shirts swallow more UV thus less UV reached the skin. Wearing a black shirt or clothes in the sun may raise the temperature, but less UV will manage to pass through.

Loose and Dry Clothes Protect You Better Against UV

In lab tests, clothes are being checked in different physical environments. It was found that wet clothes have less UV protection. This means that jumping into a pool or sea with a wet shirt, especially if it’s cotton, decreases the ability of the clothes to filter UV. Wet shirts become transparent..

Another thing that was found is that loose fitted shirts filter more UV than stretched shirts. When a shirt is tight on the body, or skinny pants stretch on the legs, there are wider spacings between the weaving. And more UV manage to pass through.


Clothes Which Protect From UV 365 Days a Year

Even if the main issue is to reduce UV, it’s still important for the apparel to be comfortable, nice looking and stylish. New technologies developed in the last decade can make a difference. Clothing companies have found that by adding special UV absorbing materials to the fabrics it turns them into ‘UV replant’ clothes.

UV clothes for womenThese clothes known also as UPF clothes, have a very high resistance to UV. Most of them can resist up to 99% of all the UV.

One of the most popular items is the UV wrap by coolibar. This apparel is a loose fabric wrap which has the highest UV protection possible (UPF 50). Coming in numerous colors it is perfect as a sun blocking accessory.

With long sleeves but loose fitting it is soft and comfortable. As a wrapping it can be worn over any other clothes.

Check Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Sun Protective Wrap UV resistant clothing.

Conclusion, the best combination is wearing dark/black dry clothes, loose fitted and in layers. The only problem is that this combination is not your summer most favorable option. Most women may prefer wearing what ever their mood and style is, and adding a UV resistant wrap on top of it.

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