3 Items To Protect Your Pet From UV

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UV Protection Solutions For Pets

Many pets die each year from different types of cancers, many of them from skin cancer. While we are all careful about our skin and aware of UV solar hazards, some of us may have forgotten that our beloved pets are exposed to the same hazardous UV too.

UV is in charge for most of the deadly melanoma skin cancer disease. There are ways to reduce the pets exposure to UV so their small body will not be exposed to high doses of UV.

Owners have responsibility to look after their pets. We take care of their teeth, ears, fur, nutrition and well being. We should know that we can protect them from deadly UV like we protect our self.

UV Sun Block Spray For Dogs

UV protection spray for DogsPets with short fur, are at higher risk from UV. Dogs which are all day outside, or have an two hours per day of direct sunlight, need some kind of skin protection.

Many dogs are outside with their owners: Dogs which go sea sailing, dogs which get to go to the beach or swimming pool. Dogs which are at the patio or backyard all day. Or play at the park for hours.

Dogs which are just after their summer shave and they are all pink and soft are very vulnerable to UV.

Get Here: Epi-Pet Sun Protector Spray for Pets (not for cats)

Sun Protective Shirts For Dogs

UV shirts covers for dogsIf you are walking your dog daily in the sun, then you might want to consider to give them a better protection. UPF clothes are very popular for people, they can block up to 99% of incoming UV, leaving the body cool and protected.

Dogs should have the same treat! The Lightweight Shirts For Dogs are made to filter UVA and UVB which both can cause skin cancer in humans and pets alike. There are colorful designs so your dog can stand out, and you can spot them from a distance. Get your dog a UV shirt here

UV Eye Glasses For Dogs

UV Eye protection for dogsUV can damage eyes. Many dogs suffer from eye damages due to UV and light radiation. Dogs need eye protection for wind, dust, water and UV.

Except for the fact that your pet will look super cool, UV glasses will protect their eyes from all other hazards, especially when they are at the beach and sea.

Get Here Cool UV Dog’s Sunglasses.

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